2 oct. 2017

Balance of the Force

Greetings, followers of both sides of the Force. Today we have a special entry, an editorial about the great event we are preparing: the Balance of the Force (that even though we announced it two weeks ago, we didn’t write anything about it).

Since the Valle returned on January 2016, our goal has always been giving our card game life, both writing articles for the web and organizing tournaments for the community. On the occasion of Rogue One’s premiere we had the first big VdJ’s tournament: the Save the Dream! We were 13 players, plus 5 extra contributors. It was a great day, with enough answer of the community to motivate us to organize more.

Barely three and a half months after, there was The Original Tournament, “the TOT”. 16 players together to enjoy epic games with a special deckbuilding related to the original trilogy. Playing a tournament with several decks, trying to achieve the milestones, prizes for everyone… It was unforgettable for those who participated.

And now, what? We should be all excited for the National Championship: meeting with people from the other Spanish communities, thinking of decks with the new affiliation cards, getting the trophy… But unfortunately, it isn’t so. We won’t be talking again about the organization of this tournament (we already wrote another editorial about it, if you have doubts just ask), but it is important to have it in mind to understand what’s coming. The community is so disappointed, and the great majority has refused to participate in the event. That’s why we want to organize the biggest tournament in 2017, one where we can all get together and enjoy a great weekend with our favorite game.

As the Episode VIII appears on the horizon, and as we did with the Save, we came up with the Balance of the Force. We have organized it with Asociacion Adral, in Móstoles (Madrid). It will be a thematic tournament in two days: Swiss rounds on Saturday and top cut + alternative tournament on Sunday. And as well as the TOT, there will be milestones we expect you to achieve and make you to think hard when you prepare your decks. This time, they will be placed in groups, so that when you complete a pack you unlock special abilities for the rest of the Swiss rounds (the top cut will be played with the habitual rules, without extra powers). We will talk about them in the future, that way the hype goes up ;)

And what prizes can I win? There will be a lot of them, and very varied. We keep our idea from the TOT that every participant gets something, and we add exclusive prizes. But this time, there will be a trophy for the winner. Who will get it?
What’s more, we will suggest going to the cinema and enjoying the new film together, as we did in 2015 with the Episode VII. We want to not only play cards, but to have a great Star Wars weekend with you.

As of today, we are 20 players, and if the predictions are right, this number will increase as the days pass. There will be players from all the Spanish communities, but we are very ambitious and want our European friends to come too. Since last year’s Battle for the Force, international expeditions among France, United Kingdom and Spain have been frequent, and we would love to have foreign players with us to enrich the experience. So don’t doubt it and sign up now. You won’t regret it!

This exclusive tokens are one of the prizes which will be
given in the Balance of the Force.

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